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The Lemonade Fund Fundraiser

  Why Where and Who 

The idea to raise money for The Lemonade Fund was born  after having met the Founder, Shari Mendes.

Shari has founded the Lemonade Fund with the purpose and the mission of providing emergency support for Breast Cancer patients who are in financial crisis.

Having witnessed, amongst my own family and close friends, the huge strain the extra costs of a cancer diagnosis brings to bear,  I was keen to find a way to use my work -making art - as a means to contribute to The Lemonade Fund.

Jess Greenstein, as the founder of The World Cancer Walk decided to support this idea, and buoyed by her enthusiasm, energy and organizational skills and with the enthusiastic green light and positive backing from The Lemonade Fund, Jess and I  launched the project.

Due to the incredibly generous contribution by Kol HaOT, who gave us full use of their Gallery at Hutzot Hayotzer for the venue, we were able to  go ahead and seek donations from Artists for the live event.

The event took place on May 26th at Kol HaOt and, having felt one night was hardly enough to make the most of the incredibly beautiful,interesting and diverse works our amazingly generous contributing Artists had donated, we decided to extend the exhibition online.

The glitch with this idea has been that as I'm not very adept with website building, and, as I set out on this endeavour my computer packed up on me - and - for other reasons and excuses too, I'm late getting the site launched and I apologize to everyone involved and thank you for your patience - especially to the contributing Artists.


When you purchase any of the works featured here, you can be assured that 100% of the purchase price is going directly to assist those individuals suffering from breast cancer who are being supported by the Lemonade Fund. 


Marble Vase by Noa Kidron

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